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PowerHub 1800-400 backup battery solution
PowerHub 1800-400 backup battery solution

PowerHub 1800-400

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Gain critical hours to protect your temperature-sensitive supplies in outages or emergencies with a high-quality backup battery solution.

The PowerHub 1800-400 provides twice the run time of the 1800-200 model, converting power from four 100 amp-hour deep cycle batteries to provide up to 1800 watts through the inverter for a high-output, primary power solution.

  • Provide primary power for off-grid locations and backup power for grid-connected facilities.
  • Get backup power when you need it with automatic outage sensors that turn on your unit.
  • Simplify the setup process with built-in fuses, breakers, and cables.
  • Charge using an A/V wall outlet, generators, solar panels, or wind turbines.