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PCM Panels for TempArmour Medical Cooler (Frozen Temperature)

Extra Set of 6 PCM Panels (-50°C to -15°C)

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Prepare for emergencies with an extra set of TempArmour® phase-change material (PCM) and vacuum-insulated panels (VIP). Designed for the TempArmour VCT-21 Medical Cooler, these panels maintain frozen temperatures within the critical -50°C to -15°C range for up to three days (when the cooler is kept closed).

This extra set can be used as a backup option for your cooler’s included panels or to modify the VCT-4 model to be used for frozen supplies.

View the TempArmour Frozen Medical Cooler VCT-21 for complete details on PCM panels as part of a complete qualified container and pack-out solution.