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TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84)
TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84)
TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84)

TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84)

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The TempArmour Vaccine Refrigerator (Model BFRV84) virtually eliminates vaccine losses by solving the common issues of vaccine refrigeration.

  • Stays within temperature range for up to 6 days during a power outage, if unplugged, or stops operating for any reason
  • Stays within temperature range for several minutes when its door is opened which allows for easy and careful access of vaccines, reducing user error
  • Consistent temperature throughout - vaccines can be placed with confidence anywhere in the refrigerator - including on the bottom and next to the sides
  • Comprehensive organization system that allows for effective labeling and separation of vaccines (includes dividers, trays, color coded handles and labels, tags, etc.). Easily switch top and bottom baskets.
  • Avoids common freezing issues - the TempArmour™ Refrigerator technology does not require vents and fans to maintain its temperature. Cold air from vents and fans are sometimes the cause of vaccines becoming too cold. 
  • The TempArmour™ Refrigerator door always shuts properly. This avoids "door ajar" one of the most common causes of vaccine losses

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